Increase Strength and Stamina

Increase your body's overall mental and physical health with our progressive training programs.

Enhance Mobility

Unlock your body's potential and improve mobility for functional movement and everyday life.

Gain Confidence

Boost your self-assurance and empower yourself through our results-driven training program.


Why choose us?


Our adaptable and progressive program caters to individuals of all fitness levels.


We use a variety of training systems to constantly improve performance and breakthrough plateaus.

Prevent Injury

We prioritize optimal outcomes by being form focused and carefully sequencing movements for every workout.

Self Confidence

Experience better movement patterns, reduce and eliminate pain, and improve overall mental and physical wellbeing.
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Strength & Conditioning

Our training program focuses on but is not limited to weight training, improving cardiovascular strength, and enhancing muscular endurance. Using various types of equipment, we are able to train through all strength curves demanding the most from the working muscle. We offer 2 levels of training within every workout, Arduous and Foundations. Arduous has more volume and longer durations, and while Foundations is equally challenging, it has smaller rep ranges and shorter durations. Both are year round progressive programs.

Core & Conditioning

Core and Conditioning training focuses on strengthening all of the core muscles and improving overall conditioning. This type of training involves a combination of movements that target the transverse abdominis, muscles of the pelvic floor, obliques, lower back, and hips as well as cardiovascular movements to improve endurance and stamina.

Metabolic Conditioning

(MetCon) This training stimulus demands immediate and intermediate energy pathways leading the body to burn more fuel(calories) more efficiently and igniting EPOC(continuing to burn calories up to 24 hours after training. This is a blend of strength movements coupled with conditioning.

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I don’t even know where to begin. Ive been Training with CPT since late 2018, I have always been battling with my disease, and weight, and CPT has been the first to really understand me, and help me get into the best shape I have ever been in. There was so many things doctors, and surgeons said I would never be able to do, but CPT changed all of that! I don’t know what I would do without the program, it truly is one of a kind, and Kadi’s commitment, and passion to every program she writes is amazing.
Jaden S.
Carr Performance Training has allowed me to unlock my potential. Having suffered from multiple joint injuries I have found it challenging to continue consistent training at points in my life. The combination of strength training, prehab, and mobility have pushed me to new heights from a strength and overall aesthetic. I love the variety in which we train from using barbells and dumbbells to bands and kettlebells. Thank you Kadi for your contributions to my health and longevity.
Avian J.
I started my post kid fitness journey in Fall of ‘20. I worked out at home on the Peloton, then started at Orange Theory then went to F45. I was seeing progress and starting to feel more myself but I wanted and deserved more. CPT has given that to me. I have had so much physical growth with Kadi. Deadlift, bench press, back squat and mile run PRs. I went from only having the energy or desire for 3-4 workouts a week to 6 days. Pounds and inches melted off. My physical progress is amazing but even better than that has been my mental health. I am so happy. Thank you, Kadi and CPT community! Starting weight 198lbs Current weight 133lbs
Kate V.